アンドリュー J. クロフツ






RNA targeting, Protein biosynthesis, Plant Cell Biology, Microscopy,




For the past eleven years at which I have been at AIU, I have strived to improve myself both as a Natural Science instructor and as a published researcher in the field of Plant Cell Biology. AIU students play a crucial role in my research, lending their hands, their minds, and their energy to my laboratory projects.

My Undergraduate Degree included a one year Industrial Placement with Glaxo R&D, (now GlaxoSmithKline) and it was during this time, working in the Image Analysis laboratory of the Molecular Science Department, that I developed my deep and enduring interest in Cell Biology and Microscopy. After graduating with a degree in Biochemistry from the University of York in 1996, I obtained my PhD in the laboratory of Jürgen Denecke using both Cell and Molecular Biology techniques to characterise a novel protein complex formed between the endoplasmic reticulum (ER) resident chaperones BiP and calreticulin.

In April 2001 I left the UK for the US and entered the laboratory of Prof. Tom Okita in the Institute of Biological Chemistry at Washington State University. In the Okita lab I worked in a closely related field, - RNA localization of rice seed storage proteins, and was very fortunate to be able to work on many interesting and wide-ranging projects, and to explore and develop experience in a very broad range of experimental techniques. The majority of my efforts were focused on the identification and characterisation of a large number of novel prolamine mRNA binding proteins.

I came to Akita International University in August 2009 and since that time I have continued to pursue my research interests, both independently and through collaboration with Faculty at Akita Prefectural University, Kyushu University, Kyoto University, and Washington State University. At the same time, I have also greatly enjoyed the challenge of developing and offering Introductory lecture and laboratory courses for both Biology and Chemistry to meet the unique demands of liberal arts students studying at AIU.










Science is a hands-on subject and I firmly believe that performing scientific research can help students to develop the logical and critical thinking skills which are key elements of a liberal arts education. Science, especially lab work and field trips, can also be a lot of fun!

In addition to the introductory level natural science lecture and lab courses I give at AIU, I also offer a Science Research Project course (BIO205) in which students spend at least 5 hours per week in the lab and gain first-hand experience of real-world experimental scientific research. The main focus of my current research project is to investigate the mechanism of protein biosynthesis in rice seeds. Working on this project allows students to learn both the theory and application of biochemical and molecular biology techniques that are used in research labs throughout the world.

In scientific research, many small failures are a big part of any major success. Never underestimate the power of trial and error and realize that every mistake you make, in life as well as in science, is a learning opportunity. Just don’t make the same mistake too many times!

取得学位 【 表示 / 非表示

  • BSc (Hons) Biochemistry, Biochemistry,University of York, UK,1996/06

  • PhD in Plant Cell Biology, Plant Molecular and Cellular Biology,University of York, UK,2000/08

学内職務経歴 【 表示 / 非表示

  • 国際教養大学,国際教養学科長,2022/04 ~ 継続中

  • 国際教養大学 国際教養学部 グローバル・コネクティビティ領域,教授,2021/04 ~ 継続中

  • 国際教養大学 国際教養学部 域連携協働研究センター,域連携協働研究センター長,2022/04 ~ 継続中

  • 国際教養大学 国際教養学部 基盤教育 数学・自然科学,助教,2009/08 ~ 2013/03

  • 国際教養大学 国際教養学部 基盤教育 数学・自然科学,准教授,2013/04 ~ 2017/03

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職歴 【 表示 / 非表示

  • Institute of Biological Chemistry, Washington State University, USA,Research Associate (in the laboratory of Prof. Thomas W. Okita),2001/04 ~ 2009/07

所属学会 【 表示 / 非表示

  • Japanese Society of Plant Physiologists (JSPP),2010/01 ~ 継続中,日本

専門分野 【 表示 / 非表示

  • Science Education

  • RNA輸送

  • 分子生物学

  • 植物分子・生理科学

  • 細胞生物学


論文 【 表示 / 非表示

  • Selective sets of mRNAs localize to extracellular paramural bodies in a rice glup6 mutant,Journal of Experimental Botany,69巻 21号 (頁 5045 ~ 5058) ,2018/10,Yang, Y., Chou, H-L., Crofts, A.J., Zhang, L., Tian, L., Washida, H., Fukuda, M., Kumamaru, T., Oviedo, O.J., Starkenburg, S.R., and Okita, T.W.


  • Characterization of RNA binding protein RBP-P reveals a possible role in rice glutelin gene expression and RNA localization.,Plant Mol Biol,85巻 4-5号 (頁 381 ~ 394) ,2014/07,Doroshenk Kelly A, Tian Li, Crofts Andrew J, Kumamaru Toshihiro, Okita Thomas W


  • Multiple RNA binding protein complexes interact with the rice prolamine RNA cis-localization zipcode sequences.,Plant Physiol,164巻 3号 (頁 1271 ~ 1282) ,2014/03,Yang Yongil, Crofts Andrew J, Crofts Naoko, Okita Thomas W


  • RiceRBP: A Resource for Experimentally Identified RNA Binding Proteins in Oryza sativa.,Front Plant Sci,3巻 (頁 90) ,2012,Doroshenk Kelly A, Crofts Andrew J, Morris Robert T, Wyrick John J, Okita Thomas W


  • The small GTPase Rab5a is essential for intracellular transport of proglutelin from the Golgi apparatus to the protein storage vacuole and endosomal membrane organization in developing rice endosperm.,Plant Physiol,157巻 2号 (頁 632 ~ 644) ,2011/10,Fukuda Masako, Satoh-Cruz Mio, Wen Liuying, Crofts Andrew J, Sugino Aya, Washida Haruhiko, Okita Thomas W, Ogawa Masahiro, Kawagoe Yasushi, Maeshima Masayoshi, Kumamaru Toshihiro


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著書 【 表示 / 非表示

  • RNA Binding Proteins,Landes Bioscience,2012/08,Doroshenk, K.A., Crofts, A.J.


  • The Plant Endoplasmic Reticulum,Springer-Verlag,2006/08,Washida, H., Crofts, A.J., Hamada, S., and Okita, T.W.


科研費(文科省・学振)獲得実績 【 表示 / 非表示

  • 若手研究(B),2012/04 ~ 2015/03,イネ登熟種子のプロラミンRNA輸送経路におけるRNA結合タンパク質の解析

共同研究実施実績 【 表示 / 非表示

  • Supporting Community Health in Aging Rural Communities by Building Social Bonds ("Tsunagari") Between Elderly Residents and Local University Students: A "Health Supporter" System by University Students Utilizing Digital Technologies,2023/11 ~ 2025/10,国内共同研究


担当授業科目 【 表示 / 非表示

  • 2023年度,秋学期,CHM100-1_F,化学入門

  • 2023年度,秋学期,BIO100-1_F,生物学入門

  • 2023年度,秋学期,CHM105-1_F,化学実験

  • 2023年度,春学期,BIO100-1_S,生物学入門

  • 2023年度,春学期,CHM105-1_S,化学実験

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教育活動 【 表示 / 非表示

  • Development of a Science outreach activity for Elementary and Junior High School Students,2017/07 ~ 継続中


学外の社会活動 【 表示 / 非表示

  • ScienceLab@AIU - A hands-on science activity lab for Elementary School and Junior High School students,2017/10 ~ 継続中

    This lab, on the theme of "Heat and Matter" has been offered for Elementary and Junior High School students since 2017. It uses English as a medium of instruction and aims to excite students about science and the scientific method.

  • Noshiro Space Event,2010/01 ~ 継続中

    This event is held annually in Noshiro, Akita, and is the largest amateur rocketry competition in Japan. It attracts competitors from leading Japanese universities and also from local high schools. Additionally, the event has a well-attended public open day. I have been involved in the planning and organisation of this event since 2010 and have been hosting a 3D printing exhibit since 2015.